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Automate & Streamline your Legal Work

Automate & Streamline your Legal Work

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All In One Legal Assitant

iLegal – Online Legal Tech Application designed to ease legal work load for Lawyers, their Staff & Clients

Case Management

No more finding case files and reading documents to know the case history. It’s all in one page!

Staff Management

Have complete relevant personal and professional details of each staff member for their welfare and performance.

Client Access

Avail piece of mind by viewing your case status anywhere, anytime.

Pre-Defined Reports

Generate graphical depiction of all your cases, clients & commercial profiles for brisk analytical outlook and prompt actions.

Automatic Document Creation

Don’t get swamped by legal documentation and create your own impeccable first draft within minutes.

Task & Meeting Management

Schedule your pressing chores for the day so that you don’t miss out on other matters

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