About Innovatia Legal

Innovatia Legal-Tech is the brainchild of a young and dynamic entrepreneur Ms. Ajuni Chawla, a legal-tech enthusiast, who while studying in Law School and simultaneously working as a Paralegal understood the need to introduce technology for improving the core productivity issues- plaguing Lawyers, whether working as Solo Practitioners or in Law Firms and In-House Legal Departments.

She realised that, Law and Lawyers are the need in this digital transformation of the world and even in day-to-day affairs of a company or a life of an individual. We serve litigants in the need of an hour through our expertise profoundly in all areas of laws. But, in midst of all our work-load, we often forget that the same digital transformation that has led to a boom in our industry, is the same transformation that can enable us to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

Innovatia Legal-Tech is a firm consisting of young legal-minds, dedicated to enable lawyers of all ages to be updated with latest technologies in this digital transformation of the world.

In our effort towards the same endeavour, we are very excited to present to you a variety of initiatives:

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