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Lawyer or law firm don’t have to spend a lot if time to attain discipline in filing papers to avoid complications.Our case management feature ensures that their case files, dossiers and previous case history aremanaged categorically and chronologically.With all the details clearly laid in order they can prepare and plan for decisive actions in front of theirclients against opposition counsel.


Managing a legal firm is much more than just filing cases and casing files, while it’s important, equally important is your team and staff who play their part to function as a team. This software feature showcases your staffs relevant personal information likeContact Details, Emergency contact, Blood Group, Aadhar and PAN info. Along with professional details about Salary, Retention lifecycle, resume, recommendation letters, work performance, client list, case handled and their future course of action.


Be it upcoming hearing or previous case history, case progress or nitty-gritties within the case effecting future rulings. Our client management feature simplifies the way you process their case information and keep you updated at all times. Using our cloud-based server system you can pull your client’s complete case information whenever and wherever you need to present them with clear picture and trustworthy assurances.


When time is of essence,awareness of gist of everything from legaland commercial is the key. This featurecompiles complete status reports of clients by maintaining client registers, case categorization i.e. litigation, non-litigation, IP, Legal notice, arbitration etc., case payments& dues, billable hours to staff’s salary record, retention, assigned tasks and performance to admin i.e. petty cash register, work hours,court tracker and payments & collections records in a beautiful graphical format for analytical inference.


Effortlessly handle your commercial transections with clients, payment dues and collection dates as well as collection from different branches and administer your office finances to help you allocate your funds appropriately from anywhere thereby keeping a tab on the commercial aspect of your work.


This software feature empowers lawyers to prepare their contract documents by choosing from multitudes of inbuilt legal document templates, at the same time enable legal professionals to utilize their own customized templates, with minimum time devoted, you can be certain of coming up withflawless and crisp first draft agreements. With built-in machine learning and AI features one can create future documents with utmost ease.


Align your legal engagements from official meetings, schedules; case hearing dates and appearances for optimum results and timely actions making you an efficient task master yielding much better result and personal time for your family & friends.


Administer “your meeting -where it matters” and create proper minutes of meetings for future reference and circulation. Meeting management feature ensures that all proposed parties are well aware of the subject, location and time of the meeting while making sure that the agenda under discussion is clearly diarized and circulated for record keeping.


Admin has a privilege to give I-LEGAL access to their staff and clients by allotting them different login credentials so that they can view, log and edit their work and interact with their team. The client on the other hand can view his case details, previous hearing, upcoming case dates & discuss their cases with respective counsels using our secure chat platform

Other Features


Maintaining your accurate account ledger is one of the most important aspects of compliance. Our invoice management tool empowers you to make this happen by creating and sharing proper invoices to the client at exact time for timely collection of your dues

Branch Management

Oversee your growing business without compromising your time on travel and underwhelming follow-ups. By using our branch management feature you can examine and scrutinize your team at different parts of the country and beyond.This will enable you to render your experience and support for persistent growth across all your satellite offices.

Conflict Management

Avoid a situation that will leave the firm vulnerable to embarrassing and potentially negligent conflict-of-interest problems

Expense Management

This feature allows you to keep an account of your day-to day miscellaneous and petty cash expenses so that you keep a track on your operational expenditure.

Law Library

Law library is aninbuilt information hub of legal literature collected from authentic resources like law journals, central and state gazettes, law commission reports and bare acts with inbuilt Legal dictionary as ready reckonersthereby establishing better understanding and a strong base for their cases.


Every membership holder, both lawyer and client alike can tailor their own dashboard portraying their style of work and requirements. Suave yet intuitive, with every feature accessible from one place,if needed.Onecandelve deeper into individual tile/feature for comprehensive study.